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Wisconsin’s Transportation System

WisDOT plans, builds, maintains, or financially supports all these types of transportation, which make up Wisconsin's statewide network.

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Ports, Harbors and Ferry
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Highways and Bridges
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Bicycles and Pedestrians
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Passenger Rail
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Freight Rail
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Intercity Passenger Bus
Passengers de-boarding Amtrak Hiawatha train in Wisconsin
Wilfred Sykes ship in harbor
Driver assists passenger in wheelchair de-board transit vehicle in Wisconsin
Two motorcyclists stopped at an interesection
Typical state highway in rural area of Wisconsin
Aerial view of cargo planes at MKE airport
WIS 42 as rural main street in northern Wisconsin
Urban intersection showing buses and pedestrians in Wisconsin

Transportation in Wisconsin:

By the numbers

15 million

Ports, Harbors and Ferry

$3 Billion
The approximate value of the more than 27 million tons of cargo Wisconsin’s commercial ports process annually.

Bicycles and Pedestrians

The percentage of total passenger trips in 2017 for which Wisconsinites biked or walked.

Freight Rail

$150 Billion
The approximate value of the 190 million tons of cargo that 11 Wisconsin freight rail companies moved in 2017.